Colgate palmolive company the precision toothbrush

Product The Precision toothbrush that CAP developed is a unique brush with 3 different bristle lengths and angles. Thereafter,during the products maturity, Precision should be repositioned to the mainstreammarket.

Colgate Palmolive Company, Case Solution & Answer

Positioning the brush in the super subsidy nook segment. From November through Junehe held various senior financial positions at AlliedSignal Inc. Colgate-Palmolive also had to develop budgetconstraints and generate a marketing mix that would maximize the sales andrevenues of the new product.

From throughMr. CPs five socio- sparing secernate plan for is to emphasize and build mod products and expand into sensitive geographic markets.

Today’s Segmentation Strategies of Colgate-Palmolive

Our analysis has conclusivly explained that the attributes, benefits and valuesof the product are best suited for niche consumers and would therefore enjoy thegreatest success in such a market. As Colgate is the biggest company operating in the toothpaste manufacturing industry and it is also engaged in many social and charitable work which is the main factor which increases the brand awareness.

Group 2,Colgate-Palmolive Company

He also served as the Corporate Innovation Captain for company-wide strategy. Advertising costs had substantially increased due to restricted market and tough competition, more so in the mainstream segment, where it would be approximately 3 times more than that in the niche strategy.

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On the other hand, the inventory turnover days are almost same as they were in The capital investment for the first 2 years of production in a mainstream positioning strategy would be substantially higher compared to that in the niche positioning strategy.

Colgate Palmolive held No-1 position in the US retail toothbrush market with CAP can lower price of the toothbrush once the sales of the Precision plateau or decline, which will allow for premium toothbrush market penetration.

The accounts receivable days are reducing slightly which can be favorable for the company because the chances of bad debts are low and it also depicts good performance of the credit control department as well. People arechoosing the toothbrush based on their individual needs about size, the handle,the bristles and head shape of the toothbrush and all that based on the shape ofthe mouth.

Its exclusivity was gum disease prevention, but positioning it in mainstream segment required emphasis on Plaque removal properties, where Plax was the only competitor other than Colgate Plus. What marketing recommendations would you make to Steinberg.

RecommendationIn summation, we recommend that Colgate-Palmolive position the Precision toothbrush as a niche market product during its introductory and growth life cycle stages.

To provide the mouth with a nice aftermath breath, the development of the Colgate toothpaste followed suite. This will lead to increased demand, hence increased profit and at this point in time, the slight increase in price is a good choice.

Premium offeringcompared to others in thismarket segment. The accounts payable days are increased by two days, it can be said that the increased accounts payable days can affect the relations with the vendors and Colgate will also not be able to benefit from the early payment discounts.

CPs brushes were positioned in the value segment Colgate Classic and in the professional segment Colgate Plus but there was nothing in the super- bonus toothbrush segment. This allows efficient use of advertising budgets. In themainstream market a higher price makes a product less attractive to the averageconsumer.

Precision falls within the class of goods that could tender itself as a niche product. Four concept tests indicated preference of users for a toothbrush that prevents gum diseases.

Furthermore, Colgate can relocate its U.

Colgate Palmolive Case Study

The launch was scheduled for early and priced within the super premium segment. This illustrates that one third of the toothbrushusing adult population has only little interest in oral hygiene and are probably not aworthwhile audience to which to pitch the Precision toothbrush. Despite unusual look of the product, its unique feel in the mouth encouraged the consumers to opt for it during the tests conducted.

To correct this, it is better then if the company mainstreams the product a move tat would emphasis the product as being the most attractive which would contribute in the increased recognition for the product and make it he most superior product.

It implied that more emphasis was required on Sampling to get the consumers to start using the product. Find out more about our management team and Board of Directors that make up the outstanding team of the Church and Dwight Corporate Company.

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Abstract. InColgate Palmolive entered a precision tooth brush in the market and this paper will therefore discuss the twist of events from the time of the introduction and the marketing strategies which if embraced would be the best for both Colgate Palmolive toothpaste and the new toothbrush.

Colgate-Palmolive Co. is considering how to position your new teeth brush technology, precision. The case explores the issues involved in launching new products and asks students to make cost-benefit analysis of the different placement options.

Colgate-Palmolive Company is considering how to position the new technology toothbrush, Precision. The case examines issues related to the launch of new products, and requires students to make a cost-benefit analysis of various options of positioning. Colgate Precision Toothbrush Case analysis for Colgate-Palmolive Precision elleandrblog.coms in the.

Suggestions: The manufacture ring cost per unit for Precision as a niche product is $ per piece.

Colgate palmolive company the precision toothbrush
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