Product life cycle and the factors that will affect its movement

Promotion is aimed at a broader audience. Before discussing the fourth element—internal processes—it is important to explain the linkage and alignment between an organization's competitive positioning and its supply chain processes.

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On the other hand, if the products are not patented their life is out short. As the product line's sales season becomes shorter, it gets more difficult to produce a second batch of the bestselling products from the collection and replenish it to stores before the product goes out of fashion and consumers no longer want to buy it.

They will help suppliers anticipate changes in capacity requirements, both in the short term for scheduling purposes and in the long term for asset-investment decisions.

This supply chain model typically works well for businesses with short-shelf-life products, such as dairy products and bread.

Product Life Cycle Movement and Pace

As suggested by the overview in Figure 4, it does so by identifying the key drivers of business strategy, and then helping managers understand how those drivers would align in a coherent way with each of the six generic supply chains.

Consequently, it pushes companies to increase the speed of product development and to continuously renew their product portfolios. In industries where the relevance of the cost of assets is low, companies may choose strategies that focus on responsiveness.

There are two main actions they can take to accomplish this. Figure 3 provides a detailed summary of the characteristics of these models, which are discussed below. When the decoupling point is located farthest from the customer's end of the supply chain, product customization increases, therefore demand buffering should be supported by excess capacity.

If the entries of competitions are easy and unchecked, the life of the products will be shorter as the new products will enter the market. The most successful organisations will have a strong grasp of shortening product life cycles within their industry and put strategies in place to allow them to adapt quickly to changing markets, enabling new sources of revenue to be generated.

In order to survive in the changing environment, organization must change. This supply chain model is characterized by adaptability, which is the capability to reconfigure internal processes in order to meet a customer's specific need or solve a customer's problem. Therefore, it is very important to develop the ability to produce small lots and to purchase raw materials in small quantities.

The impact on the marketing mix is as follows:. Describe the pace at which your product will move through the product life cycle and the factors that will impact its movement.

How will the product life cycle impact the marketing of your selected product or service? The product. Product Life Cycle Movement and Pace. life cycle and the factors that will affect its movement. THE CONCEPT OF INDUSTRY LIFE CYCLE AND DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS STRATEGIES Andrija Sabol significance of the concept of industry life cycle and explore the implications on the process of and this is the traditional life cycle of an industry (product).

Every phase of the life cycle demands a new, innovative business strategy. The product life cycle is in decline. by Karsten Horn, director of international sales at INFORM.

One of the most profound changes in the last decade is the dramatic shrinkage of product life cycles ( Hill and Jones: embryonic – growth – shakeout – maturity decline) which bear little resemblance to the world today which is defined by instant obsolescence.

Factors That Affect Consumer Buying Behaviour Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Therefore marketers are concerned to know how consumer perceive or give response to particular product and its characteristics like price, packaging, quality etc.

Age and Life Cycle Stage. The product is sold to a customer, who uses it (hopefully for years), until it cannot be used anymore because it breaks or it is no longer useful.

The product is then disposed of, or recycled. Products such as a newspaper has a short life cycle, lasting days or weeks. The various marketing methods such as distribution system, quality of salesmen, advertising, type of packaging, customer services, etc.

also affect the price of a product. For example, a firm will charge high profit if it is using expensive material for packing its product.

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