The aspects of the second punic war in hannibal crosses the alps by john prevas

The long arm of history is fascinating. It places the conflict, says something about Carthage and Rome, and gives a quick synopsis of how the war played out. It's good material and looking at it closely definitely has rewards.

I won't get into all that sickness here, but be prepared for it if you want to study this history: Hannibal needed to reach the Alps quickly in order to beat the onset of winter. Hannibal had soldiers from the Belearics in his army. These spies found that the barbarians only maintained their position at the camp during the day, and left their fortified position at night.

First of all, for a work which focuses so much on the routes traveled, there are surprisingly few maps to help the reader visualize things. Those two things went hand in hand, and in spite of conservative opposition to his expedition, Hamilcar set out in BC[8][9][10] to begin his conquest of the Iberian peninsula with these objectives in mind.

The book does manage to be about more than just the Alps crossing. Speaking through an interpreter,[69] Magilus spoke of the support that the recently conquered Padane Gauls had for the Carthaginians and their mission of destroying Rome.

Often in antiquity, to intimidate their enemy, armies would be ordered to pound their shields with their weapons and raise loud cries at exactly the same moment to create the greatest amount of noise. From the book's description: It covers most of Hannibals life but focuses mainly on his legendary crossing of the Alpine mountain range.

Hamilcar ordered his sons to take a particular route to evade capture, while he himself was going to take a more dangerous course, in the hope of diverting the enemy forces and save his sons.

The men that did return with him only did so after an unbelievable seventeen years.

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Holland on Jul 26, After two different decisive battlefield victories, Hannibal was in a position to move on a panicked, and practically defenseless Rome and destroy it. Many Romans, being required to serve at some point, spent portions of their youth training to serve in the legions.

There is a good chronology in the front, some maps and photos, an extensive bibliography, and an index. The author does a nice job deducing the most probable route of Hannibal through the alps.

Hannibal in the Alps

The Oath of Hannibal, to his father that he will see to the destruction of Rome, in exchange for following his father into battle in Spain The book is published by Da Capo Press.

He also left his brother a number of ships. Readers not familiar with the subject could do worse than starting with this book. Being a sometime military history buff, I thought it worth the read.

Hannibal Crosses the Alps: The Invasion of Italy & the Second Punic War

In addition, all the booty from the sacking of the city was taken back to Carthage and distributed to the populace, in order to rally their support to his cause. After the loss of the war to the Romans, the Romans imposed terms upon the Carthaginians that were designed to make Carthage a tribute-paying city to Rome and simultaneously strip it of its fleet.

John Prevas conducts a very thorough investigation into the route that Hannibal used in his famous B.C. crossing of the Alps from Spain to Italy and gives a proper historical context to the First and Second Punic Wars between Carthage and Rome/5.

Sep 09,  · Hannibal Crosses the Alps by John Prevas The subtitle of this books is The Invasion of Italy and the Punic Wars, but the book is not limited to only those subjects. John Prevas, writer and adventurer, holds degrees in history, political science, psychology, and forensics and has taught the classics for the last fifteen is the author of Hannibal Crosses the Alps and Xenophon's lives in Florida.

This item: Hannibal Crosses the Alps: The Invasion of Italy and the Second Punic War by John Prevas Paperback $ In Stock. Ships from and sold by However, in all likelihood those who already know the story of Hannibal will not learn anything new about this period of Roman for the author's theory that Hannibal crossed the Alps following the Drome River through the Traversette pass, all I can really say is that he's not only an expert in classical history but an Alpine climber to boot - a combination that to my mind allows John Prevas to write with.

Hannibal Crosses the Alps: The Invasion of Italy and the Second Punic War

Carthage declined and Rome declared war in March BCE. The Second Punic War was underway. Hannibal Crosses the Alps - Cannae. Hannibal expected Rome to attack his position in Spain and, indeed, a Roman army was sent there with 60 quinqueremes under the command of P. Cornelius Scipio while another one sailed for Sicily.

Hannibal Crosses the Alps: The Invasion of Italy & the Second Punic War

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The aspects of the second punic war in hannibal crosses the alps by john prevas
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