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Though she never really fell in love with him, she finally felt shame and remorse for her actions. Toby Jones is terrific as the surprising neighbour, Diana Rigg, now aged 70 plays the insightful Mother Superior, and we are haunted by the faces of the Chinese infants in the orphanage.

She is disgusted with herself and tells him what she thinks of him. The lack of attention caused half a dozen people associated with the film to complain about how Warner Independent Pictures was conducting the marketing campaign.

She simply strives to do the best she can with her contradictory feelings and motivations. Curran didn't watch the Garbo version until he was in production in China.

According to Laura Kim, the marketing and publicity head of Warner Independent Picturesthe delay slowed award and media recognition for the film. I don't think they really realize what they have gotten themselves into until they get out [to the village], and that's why they sort of awaken to themselves a little bit.

I love stories with darker themes and am drawn to anti-heroes. By all means, let it sweep you away. As Kitty and Walter make their hot and arduous journey to the remote cholera-infested village, we learn their story in flashback, when they met two years earlier at an elegant soiree in London.

Maugham's novel is very different from the movie adaptation, which reworked the plot into a different kind of tragedy - beautiful rather than a result of hubris. And as the months pass, the two begin to fall in love.

The spectacular, unique locations do no harm, either, the lighting is masterful and Desplat's score is understated but evocative.

This information helps us design a better experience for all users. Kitty, however, remains unable to feel attraction towards him as a man and husband. When we meet Kitty at the beginning of the film, her disdainful, accusing look says it all. As the couple enter British colonial society, the bored Kitty soon finds herself in the arms and in the bed of a handsome but married British vice consul, Charles Townsend Liev Schreiber.

They are expected to marry and be kept by a husband. Kitty goes to see Townsend who refuses to leave his wife. Basically, the logistics of shooting there made it more difficult. Usually I don't fancy books with frail women, empty headed only brought up to embroider and be pretty.

But Kitty refuses a number of suitors; several years pass and eventually she is reduced to marrying Walter, the colonial bacteriologist in Hong Kong. Clearly, she develops the ability to empathize with others and to reflect on her own behavior. More Services Cookie Settings OverDrive uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience, monitor our performance, and understand overall usage trends for OverDrive services including OverDrive websites and apps.

We make mistakes and we disappoint. They do so much for so little in return. We humans are more complex than your silly little microbes.

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Even in the novel, it's sort of a petulant tit for tat. Very few changes, the movie follows the book. The Painted Veil has the power and intimacy of a timeless love story. Walter was kind of a scary guy.

What could be so complicated about that. Well, I do, and I admire them. Watts buries herself in the role of Kitty played by Greta Garbo in the filmlearning life's tough lessons when she least expects it the first being through her affair with Liev Schreiber's charming but married Charlie.

I loved the movie, but Hollywood has transformed this into a romance, and that is clearly not what Maugham wrote. At the beginning of the book she was very "lost. I play a pretty fierce hand of bridge. There was something so sinister and calculating about Walter that really drew me to him.

However, Walter presents almost as much of an enigma to the reader as he does to Kitty. Curran has succeeded in conveying the emotional elements of the story without sagging and to maintain a tone of suspense throughout, all built on character.

It is a story of love, betrayal, revenge and redemption.

The Painted Veil (2006 film)

The Painted Veil is a American drama film directed by John Curran. The screenplay by Ron Nyswaner is based on the novel of the same title by W.

The Painted Veil

Somerset Maugham. Edward Norton, Kitty meets Charles Townsend (Liev Schreiber), a married British vice consul. Charlie Townsend: Are you enjoying it? Kitty Fane: I've never seen anything like it.

Charlie Townsend: Every gesture has a meaning. See how she covers her face with the cloth?

Is The Painted Veil on Netflix Australia?

She is mourning her misfortune. Kitty Fane: What happened to her? Charlie Townsend: She was sold into slavery. Condemned to a life of drudgery and despair in a strange land far from home.

MGM backed The Painted Veil with a then-opulent $1 million budget, but the real attraction remains Garbo and her incomparable mystique.

Said The New York Times in a review of the film: "She is the most miraculous blend of personality and sheer dramatic talent the screen has ever known.".

View The Painted Veil () photos, movie images, film stills and cast and crew photos on Fandango. Bored and restless, Kitty embarks on an adulterous affair with English Vice Consul Charles Townsend.

The Painted Veil (1934)

When Walter learns of her indiscretion he seeks his revenge by accepting a new job in a remote country village where there’s a cholera outbreak and little contact with the outside world. Book "The Painted Veil" (W. Somerset Maugham) in web, epub ready for read and download!

Kitty Fane is the beautiful but shallow wife of Walter, a bacteriologist.

The painted veil charles townsend
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