The role of police in maitaining communal harmony

That will also ensure that 3 days post hajj activities attended by virtually all notable Muslim leaders in the country do not become a mere hajj talks shop. Recently in Malpura town of Tonk district people of Muslim community had shouted slogans and had submitted a memorandum to the SDM on the alleged anti-religious post.

We have also considered some other departments of life which have bearing on the evolution of science. Dogara also called for the establishment of Nigeria-Israel parliamentary friendship group to help deepen bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Mentioned below are some of the instances of communal harmony: Modern scientific devices have made the law-breakers more successful and difficult to catch.

Each individual in the country is free to choose his religion and change it at any time. He however, promised to expedite action to ensure the installation and use of the equipment.

It is just one of the milestones on the path to being poliofree. For instance, Buhari has made a commitment to invest in infrastructure overtime and to liberalize the economy. Yet another potential cause which shatters public confidence in police is the increasing interference of politicians in the working of the police.

It is in essence not that some people have more wealth than others; it is that high inequality as we have in all segment of our society that creates major barriers to equal opportunity.

Ebegba said that relevant agencies of the federal government were working closely on the matter and would ensure that the anomaly was corrected before June. Strict action is taken against any individual, group or community who tries to tamper with this constitutional law.

Historical Encyclopedia of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Winer argues that reforms should focus on improving the distribution of resources in Libya, as it could alleviate internal tensions.

When equality of opportunity becomes a fiction and a pipedream, that inequality becomes a poverty cage. Continuing, the soldier turned politician who was speaking on the recent appointments made by the present administration and the controversy it generated also admonished Mr.

A section of the media is as much responsible as politicians for dividing the people on communal lines. Any further attempts by the UN to implement solutions in Libya are likely to fail if key actors continue to pursue their own interests in Libya, she writes.

However, Haftar threatened once again to intervene with the LNA to restore calm in Tripoli if the security vacuum persisted. B, MBA assisted me in all legal matters, and helped me keep on track with the publication process.

Mahmud Isa Police arrest 11 suspected cultists terrorising Badagry T he Police on Sunday said 11 suspected cultists arrested for terrorising residents of Badagry were undergoing interrogation ahead of being charged to court.

Jammu Civil Society thwarted designs to disturb communal harmony: Khan

In a statement signed by his spokesman, Mr Imam Imam, Gov. This is especially if also some invisible tariffs and nontariff measures are brought too.

In other words, he is the chief lobbyist for lobbyists. His organization represents 22, association executives, from large groups such as the American Medical Association and small ones such as the Barbershop Harmony Society. Functions, Roles and Duties of Police in General of communal harmony, militant activities and other situations affecting Internal Security; (d) to protect public properties including roads, railways, bridges, vital Functions, Roles and Duties of Introduction.

The most important sections are assigned to a role (landmark navigation). He said learning folk music promotes communal harmony in the State by bridging the gap between the different communities and enhances the spirit of emotional bonding amongst them. the Cabinet decided to create one post of Superintendent of Police (Traffic) and one.

643 words essay on Communal Harmony in India

Communal harmony as such is highly sensitive an issue and cannot be soft-pedalled anymore in view of our traditional value, com cultural heritage and secular character of our state. Examples For the sake of maintaining communal harmony, Akbar the started a new religion Din-e-Iiahi.

The Role of Police in Society In today's society the police, play may roles. They are the peacekeepers, law enforcement and many other jobs. However, recently they have become the subject of a very heated and large debate.

Role Of Students In Maintaining Communal Harmony. Role of Teacher in promoting National Integration, Peace and Sustainable Harmony Introduction: Communal problems in India have reached an endemic proportion.

Each and every part of India is being affected by this problem.

The role of police in maitaining communal harmony
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